Humpty Dumpty Nursery

Our outdoor space

We are very fortunate to have two wonderful outdoor areas:

* Our all-weather canopy where children can access the construction area, chalk board, mud kitchen and sit-in sandpit.

* A large enclosed garden where children can access the water wall, digging area, musical stage, sit-in sand shed, climbing frames, slide, cars/bikes/scooters and toy crates housing building blocks, bug hunting equipment and musical instruments.

Children help to look after our flower, herb and vegetable patch. We love to nurture and watch things grow and our children take great delight in seeing their hard work come to fruition as their flowers, blackberries, strawberries, or most recently, sunflowers thrive.

There are lots of opportunities for children to use their imagination, building sand castles and mud pies in our sand pit and they love to role play in our mud kitchen.

We play lots of games to encourage collaboration and co-operation. These include “what’s the time Mr Wolf”, the parachute, hide and seek, and large construction activities. Our children love to create and construct in our outdoor construction site, here we learn about different tools, what safety equipment we might need to keep safe and take part in building walls, towers and much more with our foam house bricks.

We have lots of fun practicing co-ordination and balance on a variety of outdoor play resources such as bikes, slides and climbing frames. Nature is a big part of our outdoor learning and we embrace this by helping children to focus on their natural desire to explore the world around them.

Humpty Dumpty Nursery