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Bilton Infant School, Magnet Lane, Bilton, Rugby. Telephone 01788 521038

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Humpty Dumpty Nursery
Bilton County Infants School,
Magnet Lane,
CV22 7NH

Telephone: 01788 521038

As per our safeguarding policiy, all visits must be booked and cannot be unexpected arrivals at the school gates.

Please feel free to make an appointment to visit the nursery or to talk to one of the members of staff by phone, email or completing the contact us form

  Information About Our Staff

Vickie Mitchell Nursery Director {FA,CP,SG,}
Vickie gained her NNEB qualification in 1991; she worked as a Nanny for 2 years then joined the Nursery in 1993. She was Deputy for 5 years and in 1998 she took over as Proprietor. Vickie has two children.

Humpty Dumpty Nursery staff are all fully qualified attendants, many that have worked at the nursery for over 20 years.

Please feel free to make an appointment to visit the nursery or to talk to one of the members of staff by phone or completing the contact us form, click here.

All our staff attend ongoing relevant training courses, including child protection, first aid and
food hygiene.

Louise Flanagon - Nursery Manager {FA,CP,SG}
Louise gained her NNEB in 1999 and joined Humpty Dumpty Pre-School Nursery in May 2000 after being a nanny. Louise has a son.

Kelly Greenway - Nursery Deputy and SENCO {FA,CP,FH,SG}
Kelly joined Humpty Dumpty Nursery in October 2018. Kelly has a Foundation Degree in Early Years and Education and over 10 years childcare experience. She is the nursery SENCO, Designated Safeguarding Officer and Time to Talk Champion. Kelly is a mother of two children.

Lisa Bartlam - Nursery Nurse {FA,CP,FH}
Lisa gained her NNEB qualification in 1991 and she joined Humpty Dumpty Pre -School Nursery in 1993 as a Nursery assistant. Lisa has three children.

Judi Richards - Nursery Nurse {FA,CP,FH}
Judi has been a qualified NNEB for over 35 years. She joined Humpty Dumpty pre-School Nursery in 1994. Judi has two grown up children.

Jayne Evans –Nursery Nurse {CP}
Jayne joined Humpty Dumpty Nursery in February 2014. She is qualified at NVQ level 3. Jayne has three children.

Gill Lovelock {CP}
Gill joined Humpty Dumpty nursery in March 2014 as bank staff. In September 2014 Gill started working with us as a permanent member of staff. She holds a NNEB qualification and has 3 children.

FA – First Aid
CP - Child protection
FH - Food Hygiene TTT-Time to talk
SG – Safe guarding

All staff attends regular training courses and hold relevant certificates in First Aid, Child Protection and Food Hygiene

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