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Humpty Dumpty Nursery Information

It is well known that one of the most important ways to help children to eat healthily is by establishing good food habits in their formative years. Children have independent access to a healthy snack morning and afternoon. This consists of fruit, a cracker or dry cereal milk or water. Children who attend an afternoon session are provided with a light tea.

We are lucky enough to have a large outdoor garden and a covered canopy that enables children to play outdoors whatever the weather, if they wish. Children are supported in all areas of development whilst outdoors, including physical skills and co-operative play. They help to maintain our flower, herb and vegetable patch and practice co-ordination and balance on a variety of outdoor play resources such as bikes, slides and a small climbing frame. We encourage lots of group games and play such as ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’, the parachute, traffic lights and hide and seek

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Humpty Dumpty Nursery
Bilton County Infants School,
Magnet Lane,
Bilton, Rugby,
Warwickshire, CV22 7NH

Telephone: 01788 521038

The Cozy Corner gives children the opportunity to read a book, rest or simply take a quiet moment to themselves.” And take out about them sleeping.

Our Vegetable patch enhances the children's knowledge on growth and development.

The nursery mud kitchen gives the children mathematical opportunities whilst exploring weight with the scales.
We have a smartboard for the children to independently access (shadowed by staff) with educational activities such as letter formations, shape and colour matching and audio stories to develop their IT skills in the ever developing world!

As parents ourselves, we understand that it's not easy to leave your children in day care and we work hard to create and maintain
a strong working partnership with all parents and carers. We strongly believe that parents know their children best and use this right from settling in, all the way to children leaving us for school. All staff communicate daily with parents about the nursery
day and share children’s achievements, no matter how small. We like to encourage parents to complete a ‘proud cloud’ which is
the placed on our display board to celebrate children’s achievements. 

Staff are aware of the importance of supporting language skills through varied play in a language enriched environment. Our Deputy Manager has completed specialist ‘Time to Talk’ training and supports all staff in nurturing every child’s language
abilities through a variety of play, group and individual activities.

Events such as stay & plays and Christmas/Easter crafting workshops are organised for children and their families on several occasions throughout the year and our pre-school leavers enjoy a coach trip to an educational attraction with us
before they leave for school.

Humpty Dumpty Nursery has links with local infant and primary schools. In the summer term before our children transition to school, we arrange visits from school teachers into nursery and have a detailed conversation about each child’s development, learning styles, interests and anything else that might be useful to ensure a smooth transition for all of our children.

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