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Bilton Infant School, Magnet Lane, Bilton, Rugby. Telephone 01788 521038

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Humpty Dumpty Nursery Information

Children have independent access to a health snacks in morning and afternoon. This consists of fruit, milk or water. Children who attend an afternoon session are provided with a light tea.

The Nursery boasts a large grass area to the side and rear of the building. This is fenced in to allow the children to play on the apparatus, ride bikes and trikes around the pathway or to roll down the hill.

Introduction to Humpty Dumpty PDF Pack, click here to view.

Humpty Dumpty Nursery
Bilton County Infants School,
Magnet Lane,
Bilton, Rugby,
Warwickshire, CV22 7NH

Telephone: 01788 521038

The quiet area in nursery allows children to rest whilst reading a book or exploring our treasure basket. Children who attend all day are able to sleep on the comfy sofa or listen to favourite songs and nursery rhymes.

Our Vegetable patch enhances the children's knowledge on growth and development.

The nursery gravel pit gives the children mathematical opportunities whilst exploring weight with the scales.
Within our ICT area a world of technology is available to allow the children to practice their speaking and listening skills.
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