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Bilton Infants School, Magnet Lane, Bilton, Rugby. Telephone 01788 521038

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Welcome to Humpty Dumpty Nursery

Ofsted visited our nursery in June 2013 and awarded us as GOOD with OUTSTANDING features. Ofsted said, Children in the vibrant nursery are motivated and eager to learn; they join in activities with enthusiasm and enjoy their time in the nursery. They flourish because staff recognise their uniqueness and support their learning and development extremely well in relation to their starting point.

Ofsted also said Play and learning is seamless as staff are highly skilled at adult-led teaching into children's self-chosen play resulting in deep learning for children. They use their expert knowledge of how children learn through play to adapt and tailor how they play with children which optimises teaching and learning opportunities.

Ofsted continued to say, The rich and stimulating outdoor provision is a strong feature of the nursery. Outdoor provision is carefully planned to offer a wide range of different activities including running, climbing, building and growing edible food, such as lettuce and carrots.

Ofsted also said, All children form close bonds with the staff and in particular their individual key person. As a result of good relationships established with parents from very early on, children settle quickly. Staff use the information from parents well, in order to meet children's specific care needs.

The full report can be found at

Humpty Dumpty Nursery is situated on Bilton Infant School in Magnet Lane, Bilton, Rugby. We cater for children aged 2 years up to 5 years.

Our fully qualified nursery team provides a happy and friendly environment for children to develop and learn skills, which prepares them for school life.

Pre School Rugby

We believe children learn through play. By providing learning opportunities in many ways, we can encourage children’s best potential.

During our sessions we also have structured times for art and crafts, pre-writing skills, key groups for topic work, board games, circle time, singing, stories, poems and news time. All of which are linked to early years foundation stage curriculum.

Pre-School children are able to use the pre-school den whilst at nursery. Here, we work on letters and sounds and do work such as Blending, Segmenting and Rhyming. The Humpty Dumpty Nursery also holds strong links with the adjoining school and works closely with reception.

Children have regular access to outdoors through our Outdoor Learning Environment. Children can explore the seven areas of learning and the canopy enables the children to access the area regardless of the weather.

Humpty Dumpty Nursey
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